Tote bag and drawstring bag

I havent been sewing with the weekends fully booked from am to pm. Not sure why activities are full in 2016 leaving little time for sewing and baking.

And today i am on medical leave. I lost my voice! 

So some quiet activities 

A) up cycled a blue scarf with really lovely koi fish print into a big draw string bag for ds2

B) made me a reversible tote with strong cotton fabric

The colour combination is perfect!

Hope to sew more but not due to medical leave!


Lunch pouch

It is quite a popular item here as most of the office workers eat out in Singapore. Many food choices like the affordable food centre  (no aircon) and the slightly more expensive food court (aircon!). 

Instead of taking the handbag, likely making the impression that you are not returning to office after lunch, most of us have a smaller bag or a pouch.

Just big enough to throw in the wallet and the handphone.

This is a customised order:

Thin canvas yellow printed external fabric with strong quilting cotton mushroom and bee print internal fabric.

Did they contrast or did they complement? In any case, the new owner loves it!

My summer shorts

The days are hot and the temperature may hit a good 35degrees next week…


I made this shorts 2 weeks ago and liked the cut very much.

I was pretty happy as it was really the last remnant fabric print that i have.

Decided to make one slightly longer and with pockets (i really need them!) There were many useful resources online on drafting and sewing the seamless pockets. Thanks fellow sewists!

I made some slight mistakes on the pocketa but corrected it with seamreapers. Phew.

I love it!!!

Cartoon pants

Originally i took a week off starting monday with great plans of outings, visits to museum and many more.

Unfortunately i was down with a terrible bug. Firstly i couldnt sleep for 2 nights straight. Then the body started giving way…  it was impossible to go out nor catch up school work with the kids as i lost my voice..

Luckily i still have great sewing plans and here are the 2 pants from a single fabric



You can see many many animals… i like this very much!