My summer shorts

The days are hot and the temperature may hit a good 35degrees next week…


I made this shorts 2 weeks ago and liked the cut very much.

I was pretty happy as it was really the last remnant fabric print that i have.

Decided to make one slightly longer and with pockets (i really need them!) There were many useful resources online on drafting and sewing the seamless pockets. Thanks fellow sewists!

I made some slight mistakes on the pocketa but corrected it with seamreapers. Phew.

I love it!!!


Cartoon pants

Originally i took a week off starting monday with great plans of outings, visits to museum and many more.

Unfortunately i was down with a terrible bug. Firstly i couldnt sleep for 2 nights straight. Then the body started giving way…  it was impossible to go out nor catch up school work with the kids as i lost my voice..

Luckily i still have great sewing plans and here are the 2 pants from a single fabric



You can see many many animals… i like this very much!

The cosmos pants

Initially i couldnt decide on any of the fabric on display… elephants? cars? trains? They do look familiar.

I was about to go out of the fabric shop when i saw a lady staring at a particular bale of fabric. It was a black solar system print fabric.  Beside it was the same print but in blue.

My choice was clear.


DS2 has outgrown his pants, i have cut a correct size pattern and is all ready to make new ones.


Done before dinner. Happy.

Pokemon Bag

DS2 has outing next month.. i thought why not an outing bag? Something simple – A4 size, straight lines, few inner pockets.


Here it is. Very practical with inner pockets on both side of the bag and a small one on the outside. There is even a tag in case he needs to hook something.





This is remnant fabric from the pokemon pants. So that is a good mileage for a yard of fabric.


Customised keepsake

Do you recall your primary, secondary days? Do you have a keepsake to remind you other than the school annual magazine?

Sadly, i only have an old autograph book and if i could, i would have kept (or my mother would have) a set of my old uniforms.

DD has finally graduated from her primary school, i decided to make a keepsake for her.  A pouch featuring the school crest, name tag, the pleats and the belt.


She loves it very much!

If you have any uniforms of your child and wish to preserve the memories, do enquire with me at