How to sew pockets – from RickRack 

This is a good book for beginners – it touches on the basic techniques in sewing. There are 3 projects ie one mile bag, shorts and t shirt.

I am interested in the making of the pockets for shorts as currently i do not do so. My ds asked where could he put his toy cars or game cards.

Even if you do not understand mandarin, the pictures are quite self explanatory!

I love the subtle contrast in the pockets.

This is a very important set of pictures.

I am quite enlightened by the steps. Incidentally i managed to borrow another book which is solely on pockets. I have borrowed this before but somewhat just flipping through. I guess when there is a need for it one will then research and register more information?  

I have not been sewing much this year. Much that i wish to attribute it to lack of new fabric to spin creative ideas, i do have to finish all these fabric stuffed in the house.

I have not been buying any new fabric until i finish half the stash…. hope i can make it work!

Fellow sewers will understand – the stash is never enough!


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