Finally the colette ginger skirt

I bought this pattern very very long ago and attempted it once 3 years ago.

It was not successful as i didnt trace the pattern and merely tried to cut the fabric at best (with the pattern against the fabric) and the ambitious me even wanted to put piping.

The skirt is probably somewhere lying in the heap of fabric with the piping exposing and ill -fitting that i just wish to ‘archive’ it.

Hope came again when i went for the workshop briefing organised by on sat. They emphasized the importance of basic skills and the progressive learning of basic top, skirt to dress, jacket.

While i admit i am not very skilled, surely i can do better than making a basic top? I think while the basics can be taught, one would still need to sew frequently to master the skill. That’s my two cents worth.

Anyway the course is not expensive and you get a wsq certificate which i am not sure should be the reason if i do take it. They do not allow you to “jump” to the course of dress and jacket without going through the other course like basic top, skirt, understand garment construction.

I will think about it.

Anyway, i took out this pattern and used a fabric that i bought quite sometime back.


I cut size 6.  In a few hours, with the invisible zipper inserted, the skirt is done. I dislike the thick waist.


It just didn’t fit very well. I decided to fold half the waist down and it is much more acceptable!


The waist band now has a nice V fold. I like it very much!

I suppose if i sew every week i will get better.


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