Made Me May

Oh… i didnt take the vow… but i did made a skirt (for self) and a pair of pants (for DS2).

I always like a gathered skirt but have always made them elastic both front and back. I dont really like have a thick waist in front.

I decided to try make a flat front with elastic back skirt. I took the advised measurement from a blog and find it ultra unflattering. It really make my rear look big. I do not like it.

I made adjustments to the skirt which now looks very gathered in front but not so gathered at the back. I find that more forgiving!


The adjusted measurements read:
Front 44 inch (gather them until it matches the length of the front flat waist band)
Back width as per your waist ie like for mine is 28 inch (do not need to gather)

For the front flat waist: take half your waist ie mine will be 14 inch
For the back: take as per your waist measurements (this should be the same as the main fabric for the skirt).

For the elastic at the back, take half your waist and minus 4 inches.

Let me know if this revised measurements work well for you!

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