First Project 2013!

I woke up really early today, 530am to be exact. It is the grand first day of school for all school going Singaporean kids. Schools technically start at 730 but schools prefer the child to be in by 710am and assembly at 720am.

I prepared breakfast ie ham, cheese with lettuce on bread and a portion to be put in their snack box for recess (hope to be consistently hardworking!)

There was no crying, no whining. Perfect. Off the 2 older kids with their dad at 630am. I ate the bread with oats in milk. I decided to catch a wink of 30mins but slept a good 2 hours. Then accompanied the youngest to his new childcare and my… Mickey Mouse was waiting


I left the centre at 11am and decided to really maximize my day off. I sew these: customized cushion cover ordered by DD classmate mother who saw this:


As I have cut the fabric the night before, I just concentrate on the sewing today. And it is done!



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