Singapore local sewing websites

the very famous is the sew convert. adeyl is so v talented and very kind too. I always wonder if I can ever reach that skill level!

there are a few other websites that I follow. I ensure I read about them in the train journey to work.

sew whatt
another very nice lady. I love her cheongsam. she recommended me to sign up for sewing classes at Kardony. I think I may just do that!

mummy sew pretty
The dresses she made for her two young daughters are lovely. i notice she often use knit material and sergers them. I do not have a serger, can I still try knit and stretch fabric?

Cotton candy
Her latest creation is a kids winter jacket. my jaws dropped. you mean we can actually sew this?! lovely!

Quite near to our little island.
sertyan another talented lady who sews mostly work dress.

I have left out a few that are quite dormant.

are there any other local sewing websites that I have missed out?

some what, there are much more local foodie websites than crafting websites!


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