Rick Rack 三堂课爱上机缝

translated – love machine sewing in 3 lessons. by Rick rack
original Japanese title – Shinsoban : Rick Rack Sewing Kiso Book by Akiko Misono

what attracted me was the vintage sewing machine on the cover. don’t you just love the feel?


Lesson 1 touches on fabric, needles, threads, fabric treatment and ironing, button, button holes, cutting patterns, types of sewing machine and basic sewing methods.

Lesson 2 goes into practical usage like one mile bag, shorts and t-shirts.

Lesson 3 focuses on Q & A. for example on the first machine, saving up the scraps, remodelling of kids wear, upcycle. There are 29 FAQs.

I didn’t take photographs of the pages as all the pages are full of information for newbies like me. Missing any page will be a loss!

highly recommended!


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