I love bag making 我的每日包包

there are many Japanese crafting books that are translated to Chinese in Taiwan. This is one book I borrowed from the library (however the bag paper patterns were missing). The authors name were not printed on the cover. However I read that the original title was Kawaiikute, Rakuchin! Mainichi bag.


The pictures are inspiring – simple and chic! I didn’t take pictures of all the bags.



A detailed page on how to make a bag (other pages were printed on matt surface)


I will be preferring to this for a bag I have been doing.


check happilysewn for handmade pencil cases, coin pouches and more


2 thoughts on “I love bag making 我的每日包包

  1. lega says:

    What are materials needed to make it? I mean the kind of the textiles used
    i have this book but i cant even read the letters at all!

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