Simple Yoked Skirt from Simple Modern Sewing

I bought this book from kinokuniya couple of months back. the title SIMPLE just calls out to me and also the possibility of using 8 basic patterns to create 25 garments.

Patterns are not cheap based on my first buying experience from Collette.



I started this sewing journeys with skirts and really, skirts are my first loves. They are supposed to be easy right?! Elastic band and 2 rectangles? Later I realized I look fat in them, I need more structured skirts!

I decided to try this with a Japanese inspired Michael Miller fabric.


This is the process


The instructions were short, perhaps i am not very experienced. After a while i just use whatever method deems fit to make the skirt look it. Took me a while to assemble the zips. It looks like some refinement needed. The additional thing I did was to add a lining. a little star for myself!


I like the orange print, how about you?

This season actually calls for pleated skirts. This is a Prada, it must be costing a bomb! But I like!


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