my first trip to textile centre

I was looking forward to a trip to textile centre after I googled about it. Rows and rows of ribbons, buttons and everything that make you feel
like you are in sewing paradise.

At first, I went to the 2nd floor as I read from one website stating that is where the shops are. But what I saw was mostly halfdead shops and some seemingly wholesale fabric. I went into a shop that wholesale party toys and the kind lady told me I should go to the ground floor.

indeed there were 3 or 4 shops on the ground floor that sells sewing stuff. I didn’t take notice of the shop name.

I wanted to get 11″ zips which they only had it in black or white. disappointed. I did a mental memory of their prices of ribbons. they also didn’t have the fabric ink I wanted. I only managed to get a purse frame.

luckily I made a turn and there I saw 2 more shops. I bought 4 colourful zips. I think they are probably same price as Chinatown.


there are indeed loads of stuff in the few shops but you will probably need time to slowly browse through

however today I didn’t have the luxury of time as I was rushing off for hi-tea at the regent hotel. what a lovely day!



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