bobbin tension vs new machine

while I was sewing last week, I actually hit some problem. the threads below the fabric kept looping. it is ugly.

I thought it maybe because I am using a thin thread on thick fabric. I went to my usual supplier in Chinatown and bought thicker thread and correspondingly thicker needle.

BUT it didn’t solve my prob. in fact it got even more frustrating. my darling hubby sensed my mood swing and I requested to bring the sewing machine to see the ‘doctor’.

I went to a shop called Ban Soon and was quite surprised to see a small crowd.

the male owner was highly experienced and at first sight informed that my entry level brother machine is not meant for sewing bags. what a damper.

however he proceeded to help me adjust the tension but using a bobbin of a different tension. the line was still not straight, however no more excess loops. he said many crafters give up because of bad machine and not their skills. oops, is that a sign for upgrading?

the female owner recommended a few models and dangled a trade-in option. how tempting.

in the end I got a new bobbin
and a set of made in germany needles $5.80 for 5. I was told the ‘singer’ needles I bought were fakes!

I started my sewing craze again on Easter Friday. the tension was still not agreeing with me. until…

I used the new bobbin (for thicker thread), thick needle and thinner thread. the stitches were lovely.

new machine? let me ponder some more!

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