a cute coin pouch

DS lost his coin pouch in primary school. I have been looking around town but hardly see any nice and cheap and importantly BOY design pouches.

i decided to make one using the same concept like the sexy wristlets which I have made before


I cut 4 10 x 12 cm fabric (2 each of the same design. and sew them on the sides of the zip.

I then sew along the edges of the inner lining, bearing in mind to leave a gap. it is the most important step!

I then sew the edges of the outer lining. another important step is to open up the zip. else you will not be able to open up the pouch at all!

after that then just push the fabric from the outer to the opening in the inner
lining and keep pushing until the outer fabric is indeed on the outside.



it was so easy to make that I made more cute coin pouches.




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