Colette Ginger Skirt

I cut the pieces on Thursday after dinner. As I didn’t have paper weight, I used my son’s leapfrog DVDs to do the job. He was busy picking them up while I was trying to mark and cut the pieces

This is the fabric I bought which I find was a bit dark. Dark fabric is slimming right? I can use that!!


This is my first try using patterns and it has proved to be interesting. I cut a size 6 which I realized later was a bit too small.

i started to assemble the pieces as per instructions.



and this


When I lay it out it looks lovely but what is with the fabric dangling behind?


I find the fabric too dark. I need to get red bias tape, zipper and lining to complete this. Using the zipper will be another interesting adventure!

hope you have done something today, no matter how long you have procrastinated.

updated 10 Jul
I bought yellow bias and piping with my favorite sa recommendation. indeed the print is too complex and red may not be a suitable colour

updated 13 Jul
pinned the yellow piping. me think it looks great. there will be a yellow bias at the bottom to complete the look



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