new toys

I haven’t been sewing nor baking for the past two months. reason being the kids are taking turns to fall sick (stomach flu, chicken pox) which ultimately resulting in me taking 2 days medical leave and laid motionless in bed.

luckily online shopping for patterns was one activity that kept my sanity. these are my first collection and you may ask why 3? that is because the shipping charges for 1 pattern is us$5 and it increased to $10 for 2 or 3 patterns. naturally I had to maximize the shipping cost. my theory is buy first, plan later!




two are of beginner level and one is intermediate.

today I decided to get the Brother BM2600 which is on promotion at our local supermarket. the service was excellent. I was delighted to see the babe delivered when I came back from my evening walk


I tested the machine and was delighted at the ease of use, the low vibration and sound! The singer thar my mil has has not been functioning well but I will leave it to her if she wish to dispose it or send it off for repair. my mil was delighted at the light function of the new machine

finally the fabric I bought couple of months back will be seeing daylight!



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