the mother and daughter skirt

This was the fabric I bought from malin last week


I decided to make 2 skirts from this fabric and it shall be a simple elastic band skirt. I took an old 10year skirt and cut to dimension. ok I added a few cm as I have gained weight.

i also measured dd and she told me she prefer a low waist skirt.

sewing straight lines are a breeze! and in 1 hour both are done!!


it went well with her pink zoo top


I have yet to pose with mine cos I was thinking I will wear a light yellow top and a newly bought yellow leather shoes from ck tangs (waiting for delivery!)

needless to say it was a fruitful weekend and I have utilized the last bit of the pink Russian doll fabric to make a cute little skirt for A, a colleague’s lovely 22 month old daughter.


updated 21 Apr 2011

here I am with the skirt paired with a light yellow top



paired with my yellow shoes I am
off to work and it is great for the short working week!

updated again
I found a big mirror at the local mall and took a pix with the yellow shoes

hope you like the combination as much as I do!



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