New Projects and more reasons to roam Chinatown

I was on a week’s leave and decided to venture to Chinatown again and of course I went to Malin again.

These are the 2 fabric I bought

intended as a dress

intended for my skirt (not sure if can accomplish, buy first)

Then I met up a friend for lunch near Ikea and they were having sale. I bought more fabric and throws

this particular fabric was on 25% discount so how can I not buy it?!
it is intended for my childrens bedsheets.

Today being my last day of leave, I really had to go Chinatown. again. I went to Brighton Accessories where a very kind lady attended to me, totally debunk my younger days experience in Chinatown.

i got the ribbon and lace to match the Russian doll fabric, interface to make a bag organizer.

THEN something caught my eyes, can be used as lanyard for dd when I have leftover ikea fabric.

Before I leave, I saw cute button makers and bias type maker, I told the auntie sewing is not a cheap
hobby. I will be back!


2 thoughts on “New Projects and more reasons to roam Chinatown

  1. tottochan says:

    I like the idea of lanyard using leftover fabric! 🙂
    You should just take over my MIL’s shop. Bet you’ll be very happy, haha
    Happy sewing!

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