The First Dress

I bought this fabric together with those that I made the two skirts. I took me a while to decide what to make as the fabric is so far the most expensive I have bought (I got a feeling this record will be broken in time to come).

After feasting for the first two days of Chinese New Year, I surfed for more ideas before deciding on this off shoulder piece published by PrudentBaby. As the pattern was for 2T, I had to measure DD and hope that the measurements work out right.

I do not have a J shape to cut the armhole so I used DD tshirt to do an
estimation. The armhole was a bit too small which proved to be quite fatal later on.

As usual I go for quick win. Did the ribbons first.

The armhole has proven to be too small and the slant too steep. I had to extend the shoulder and sew extra fabric to cover more of the chest.

Also the dress seems a bit tight and I think the side seams may tear when she wears it. I decided to put a zip which is my very first attempt. It wasn’t too difficult but it could have been better.

With the ‘modifications’ to the original design, here is the first dress after 4 hours.


My mil said it looked too plain and said should add a heartshape pocket. I was rather tired so settled with a square pocket instead. Nonetheless DD loves it just the same.

Finally I can rest and drink my Earl Grey tea.


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