Goodie Bag for Shamel

I like to bake, I guess the reason is that baking requires my full concentration and what delight I get when I see my family, friends and colleagues enjoying them. I especially like to bake for kids as firstly their standard is not so high (laughs!) and they give you the most honest opinion.

One of my colleagues told me her son rations the cookies I give him. How motivating. My other colleague ‘commissioned’ me to do 20 cookie goodie bag. She wished to collect on Sunday and luckily on hindsight I decided to bake on Sat night as I do not wish to have a rushed Sunday. It was a good decision as the baking took me about 2hours. if I baked on Sundat, I would have to wake up at 7am!

DD helped me put the cookies in, tie them and staple. The task got sweeter when I say I will give her part of the earnings. I think it is good to educate them that one is only awarded when hardwork is put in.


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