2 Skirts with same fabric

After my colleagues saw the kitty top, a few asked me to do
dresses for their dds. However i am a new novice, i think i
will do better with skirts. Even so, it proves to be quite
challenging. This is the skirt i saw from etsy, it sure look
‘easy’. i went to Malin
(with kind recommendations from Adey, the Sew Convert.) The lady
there was very helpful and these were the two fabric i picked up
after i showed her the pix i downloaded. From my inexperienced eye,
i can’t reall tell if this will work out well. Weren’t we told
never to mix prints with dots, or prints with stripes? The lady
said i cannot compare a finished product against raw materials..
hmm. I managed to find time to do on the second week of Jan and as
usual, i find it a test of the unused part of my brain. This is for
arielle who is about 18 months old and according to some stats i
copied from etsy, her waist should be about 19″ and length about
9″. I got her ‘vital statistics’ and it is 21″. oops. lucky
thing, i have yet to put in the elastic band. Now all is left is
to put in the elastic and to pin the rosette. Meanwhile i started
working on the skirt for Jemine who is about 5 years old. i decided
to try a three tiered of ruffles at the bottom and i really hit a
problem. The fabric frayed as i pulled the thread. As i don’t
have a seger, i unstitched all of it, made a fold, sew it and tried
to pull the thread again. Now the fabric is thicker, that gave me a
harder time pulling the thread. i attempted to do
the pulling while waiting for dd and ds to finish their art
class. Unfortunately, i cannot finish it. I will have to make
time for it this weekend.


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