the first summer top

I received encourging words from Adeline of Sew Convert
that spurred me to be more adventurous. Here i am with the First
Summer Top which took me a total of about 5 hours. i did it without
pattern but constantly asking DD to try the top before i do the
machine sewing. This is the 1/2 metre fabric i bought from Golden
Dragon. It costed me S$5.

After measuring DD, i cut 4 main pieces of fabric and sewed them

this is the front with pleats
(i ironed them before pinning) this is the back

Assembled piece
with shoulder straps

This is the finished product.

The nice rosette was done last minute as i didnt
want to waste any fabric. I googled for ideas on the web before
sewing it.

She wore it to a gathering and i find that the straps
kept dropping. Either i should have sew them nearer to her neck or
perhaps i should do a crisscross back.

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