i spy – Peter Kor Dress

I saw this lovely dress at c k tangs during the dec
break. This is under Mr Peter Kor’s label. The fabric is excellent and the workmanship too. The price is S$199.


Quoting from his article

“I do clothes that please me first; not [those that are] market or buyer led,” says Kor. “Good work has to be more important than just business or [being]
‘commercially viable’. It must be in good taste. ”

“About 50 per cent of my customers have their own sense of style, I’m not
dictating to anyone. I have to enjoy what I’m doing and can’t just
cater to trends. [My style] is not for everyone.” According to the
designer, the “Peter Kor woman” is “very refined, with a subtle
sense of taste”.

She is, as Kor explains, “a woman of a certain class”.

= i like!

updated 24 Jan 2011 I spotted another similar in
the SimplyHer magazine

It is a different fabric but still Mr Peter Kor’s style. I think I may look
mature in it. Check out my post on TongTong


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